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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Website Terbaik 2011

We Choose The Moon
2-Go To Stage..
(jangan lupa tekan button atas ok...)

ok bagi yang mane suka akan Astronomi & bercita-cita nak jadi angkasawan boleh lah ke laman web ni..banyak knowledge yg kamu akan dapat...dekat laman web tu ada dia tunjuk sal pelancaran roket & macam mana dia lancarkan alat kajian dorang ke bulan..jom kita terjah hehehe~~

" was designed to celebrate the Fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar landing by developing an interactive recreation of the event. The site uses Flash to mesh archival video, audio, & photos into an experience that will make you feel as if you too had walked on the moon that day.

Lawat :


Waterlife is a showcase for the documentary film of the same name that offers its audience a wonderful preview of the lush cinematography and rich storytelling found in the film. The true genius of the site, however, is found in its fluid navigation that recalls the gentle motion of a lake.

ok yang ni lak sal kehidupan berteraskan Laut & Air

Infinite OZ

Infinite OZ is an artistic collaboration that uses Flash to bring to life the world of the Sci-Fi miniseries event the Tin Man. Visitors are taken on a wonderful journey through the many visually stunning locales that make up the fabled emerald city that may make you want to get lost there forever.

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